Independent Schools and Non-Profits

Advice On Recurring Issues

Independent schools, colleges and non-profits often approach legal issues with a mission, culture and protection of resources that may not apply to for-profit companies. For nearly 25 years our lawyers have represented independent schools and colleges (Quaker, Montessori, Catholic, Jewish and non-denominational) and leading non-profit entities, helping them deal with legal problems in a way that respects and preserves their values. Whether your institution’s issues relate to human resources, student discipline, faculty contracts, or general legal threats, we can help.


We train school faculty and non-profit staff on important issues relating to sexual harassment, non-discrimination, child abuse and neglect, and general employment policies and conduct. If you want your employees to take these issues seriously, let us frame them professionally and in legal terms, noting that they can be sued individually for their misdeeds. We’ll give examples of how things can go wrong, and provide solutions and best practices to keep everyone out of trouble.


Sometimes, despite best efforts otherwise, a dispute winds up in court. When this happens, we help schools and non-profit entities navigate their way to a just resolution, whether that means early mediation or trying a case to verdict. We are proud to have helped our clients avoid unnecessary litigation and adverse publicity in countless situations where a less sensitive approach could have resulted in a reputation-smearing public feud.
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